Psychic Artist, Clairvoyant Medium,
Angelic Reiki Master-Teacher

Based in Malvern, Worcestershire, Jayne is a very popular Medium, with over 20 years experience working with Spirit. With a natural gift Jayne has seen and communicated with the Spiritual realms all her life.

As well as private readings Jayne is a Spiritual Teacher helping others to develop the gifts that they have, with Spiritual Awareness Circles and Workshop’s, not only here in Malvern and Worcester but all over the country.

Jayne is available for private readings
in which she uses Psychic Art, an
Aura reading, and Clairvoyance, linking with Friends and Loved ones who have passed over into the Spiritual realms,
to bring help, guidance and proof of survival. Working as inspired by her Spirit Guides.

Jayne believes that a reading should
be a relaxed uplifting experience.

As an Angelic Reiki Master-Teacher, Jayne facilitates Angelic Reiki workshops attuning people up to Master-Teacher level. Angelic Reiki is a very powerful form of Reiki used to aid healing and well being. As an Angelic Reiki practitioner Jayne uses Angelic Reiki with a lot of the therapies that she does.

Past Life Regression, Past Life Therapy, Emotional Therapy based on the Journey and Cutting the Ties along with Shamanic Healing are some of the Therapies Jayne uses to help people to move on in their lives.

Jayne has a lot of interest in her Spiritual Awareness Circles and Workshops, People of all ages and mixed abilities, from complete beginners, intermediate, and advanced abilities. They all go to make a well balanced and interesting circle.

Well known local Mediums and Healers have developed the gifts that they have by sitting in circle with Jayne.

Jayne also offers a Spirit Release service to clear people and places of negative energies and attachments.
Helping earth bound spirits to make their transition into the spirit world.

Jayne organises monthly Evenings of Clairvoyance in Worcester with some of the best Mediums in the area.

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