In all my readings I use my Clairvoyant and Mediumship gifts. Linking you with Friends and Loved Ones, who have passed over to the spiritual realms. I have seen and communicated with spirit all my life.

In all the spiritual work that I do, I always work as I am inspired to by my Spirit Guides. Using my natural gifts, of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience, to give you proof of survival of death. Help and guidance on past experiences, present and future trends. I believe that a reading should be an uplifting experience.

Using the colours that I am drawn to, whilst working with your loved ones, and your Spirit Guides I create a picture that is unique to you. I work as I am inspired. I am no artist, without the help of Spirit I could not create the beautiful pictures that people take home with them. Each picture talks to me about your journey.

The colours that I use are the colours that I see in your Aura. From these colours I can tell you past, present, and future trends, and in some cases past life influences on your present life.

The Sacred Path Cards are based on the way of life, the Ceremonies and Traditions of the Native Americans. As I have an affinity with the Native Americans I find these cards a lovely energy to work with.

Working with the Angels I can give an in depth reading. The Angels bring with them their own unique energy and guidance.

I always work as I am inspired and can and do use a combination of all these to give you the reading that suits you.

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I clear houses and people of negative energies and attachments also move on spirit entities that have taken possession of houses or people. Leaving a nice peaceful, harmonious energy in its place.

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