Advanced Spiritual Awareness Development Circle.
This circle will only be for those who have experience of sitting in circle. We will be developing our link with our Spirit Guides, enhancing the gifts we already have.
Taking meditation to a much deeper level, Channelling, Group Past Life Regressions, Accessing the Akashic Records. Building confidence with your proof of survival, ready to take the next step. Wednesday 8-10pm, starting 11th February Alternate weeks.

The Pathway of Peace; based on the Seneca Medicine People.
Rekindling the Spiritual Light. Open the way for Peace and Harmony. both Spiritually and Physically. An 8 week course discovering the Seven Stepping Stones, that will help us on our transformational journey.
Starting Friday March 6th, 8-10pm.

Angelic Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree.
A powerful form of Reiki attuned through the Angelic realms. A life changing experience, working and healing with the Angels. Experience the blissful calm of their energy whilst healing. Receive powerful deep-level personal healing and be trained to offer healing on a professional basis. Connect with your healing Angel, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. You will receive a certificate, a crystal and a manual.

Spiritual Awareness Development Circle.
Work with your Spirit Guides to develop the gifts that you have, Clairvoyance, Mediumship or Healing. Or to give you the confidence to trust your intuition to help you on your life’s path. Suitable for complete beginners and for those who have sat in circle before. Monday evening at 8pm and Wednesday mornings at 9-30am Morning Star Centre, Malvern. Thursday evenings at, the Quakers, The Friends Meeting House Worcester at 7-30pm

A New Wednesday afternoon Spiritual Awareness Circle.
Starting in June, Tuesday evening Circle also to start soon in Malvern, Please phone to Book your place,
or to find out more.


Demonstrations of Clairvoyance.With some of the Best Mediums in the area Bringing to you proof of survival, help and guidance From Friends and Loved Ones who have passed over

Friday April 24th 7-30pm
Jayne Frost & Michelle Coward
two very popular mediums Using Psychic Art, Ribbons and Psychometry.

Friday May 29th Michelle Emery
A very gifted lady from Bewdley

Friday June 26th Sharon Cound
A very gifted Medium from Gloucester

Friday July 31st From Hereford the very gifted Jackie Mecke

Friday 28th August Jayne Frost & Michelle Coward
two very gifted and popular Mediums Using Psychic Art, Ribbons and Psychometry

There will be no Clairvoyant Evenings at the Quakers until Further notice.

The Quakers, The Friends Meeting House, Sansome Walk, Worcester.
WR1 1UG 7-30pm Only £7
No Need to Book

Mind Body Spirit Fair, Mount Pleasant Hotel, Belle View Terrace, Great Malvern. Therapies, Healing, Psychic Readings. Books, Crystals, Jewellery and much more. 10am – 5pm Saturday 30th October

All monies paid are for the Mediums time and expenses only.

They cannot guarantee to bring through specific people. If you are given spiritual or personal advice and guidance, you are responsible for any decision that you make.

The Mediums are not responsible for any choices that you may make.

These evening’s should be viewed as a scientific experiment and as such results cannot be guaranteed.

However it is the Mediums intention to demonstrate their personal belief that life continues after death and that they can communicate with the spirit world.

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