It is my intention to demonstrate my personal belief that life continues after death and that as a Medium I am able to act as a communicator between this world and the spirit world. I cannot guarantee to bring through specific people. Some times evidence that is given in a reading will not be immediately identifiable. It may be that after discussion with other members of the family that information comes to light that verifies this evidence. Or because our memories are not always as quick and accurate as we might like, we may not recognise the evidence until later.

Although part of the reading that I give may contain advice or guidance, on spiritual, personal or private matters. It is only advice or guidance and I am not responsible for any decisions or choices that are made as a result of the reading.

Therapies that are offered are not intended as a replacement for conventional medical treatment, but as a complementary therapy, that is intended to work side by side with conventional treatment. Nor are they intended to replace proper diagnosis and / or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Any guidance that is given to you is for you to consider, any decisions or choices you make as a result of that guidance or is your responsibility.

I work within the guidelines of The Spiritual Workers Association.

All monies received are for Jayne’s time and expenses only.

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