I have a natural gift
of healing, as well as Angelic Reiki I can use Spiritual Healing or Shamanic Healing. As I work intuitively I can work using a combination of all the Therapies that I have used successfully over the years to suit individual needs. My work as a Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant Medium has taken me not only to work in Malvern and Worcester but all over the country.

Angelic Reiki
Is going beyond the Reiki healing energy to work with the healing Angels who use me as a channel for their healing energy. This is a beautiful hand’s on healing energy to work with, and to receive, it is beneficial to everybody who needs healing

Past Life Therapy:
Combining Angelic Reiki with Past Life Therapy I can cut ties from previous lives that are no longer needed. Also transmute Karma if appropriate.

Past Life Regressions:
By taking you into a very deep relaxed medative state, you go back into a past
life that has some bearing on what is happening in your life today. Past Life Regression can be used to help you understand your life’s path and to shed
light on unexplained fears and phobias.

The Journey, Emotional Therapy:
An emotional healing, by going on a journey into your emotions, you will heal the past and move into the future. You owe it to yourself to heal and set yourself free from all emotional ‘hang ups’ that now cloud your life to enable you to move forward and walk in the sunshine of your future. Based on Brandon Bays The Journey.

Cutting The Ties:
I can help you to cut the ties that you have with people or places that are holding you back, enabling you to move forward and to enjoy your life. Using Angelic Reiki and Multi Dimensional Healing, I can to help you to cut ties on all levels. Also if needed to help you cut the ties from past life relationships that have carried over into this life.

I am also an Angelic Reiki Teacher and facilitate regular workshops to teach people how to work and heal with the Angels. As a Spiritual Teacher I facilitate Spiritual Awareness Development Circles, in Malvern and Worcester and also various Workshops to understand more about the workings of Spirit and the Angels.

For more details of these Therapies, or to book an appointment, please go to my contact page.

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