The Spiritual Awareness Circle’s are open to anybody who has an interest in finding out more about their Spiritual pathway.

The circles have people who have never sat in circle before, also people who are advanced and at intermediate stages
of their development. I believe that each
one of us is learning and that we all learn from each other at whatever stage in our development we may be.

What do we do in circle?

We can ask questions to find out more about the things we do not understand / need to know more about.

We learn about protection and working safely.

We contact and work with our Spirit Guides.

We learn about the Aura and the Chakras.

Flower sentience, Psychometry, Angel cards, The Ribbons and Sand Readings are some of the focal points that we work with.

I have a relaxed way of teaching and put nobody under any pressure and have no expectations of anybody. I believe that the more relaxed you are the more quickly you will develop your intuition and open up to your Spirit Guides.

If you would like to discover or enhance the gifts that you have in a safe, protected environment with a Medium of over 20 years experience as a working Medium and Spiritual Teacher holding circles, workshops not only in Malvern and Worcester but all over the country, then this is the group for you.

A lot of people have come through my circles and have gone on to be well known Mediums and Healers, not only locally but all over the country.

There is a circle in Malvern on a Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and Worcester on a Thursday evening.

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