HEALING GROUP with Jayne Frost

At The Great Malvern Hotel,

Graham Road, Great Malvern, WR14 2HN

For everyone Healers and People who need healing

with a World and Earth Healing Meditation.

7-9pm donations only the last Wednesday of the month.

25th May, 29th June, 27th July, 31st August,

28th September, 26th October, 30th November


with Amanda and Robert Goodwin with White feather

Come along and listen to this famous teacher from the next life speak to you, with the opportunity to put your own questions to the Guide.

On sale will be books that has been channeled through Robert by White Feather. To find out more about Robert and White Feather, www.whitefeather.org.uk

At The Mount Pleasant Hotel, Belle Vue Terrace, Malvern.

On Monday 16th May 7.45 for 8pm.

Tickets available only £10 or pay on the door.

Booking your place is advisable with Jayne.


At The Mount Pleasant Hotel,

Belle Vue Terrace, Great Malvern WR14 4PZ

Sundays 6.45 for 7pm only £7

June 5th JACKIE TANNER from Hereford

July 3rd MERVYN BOLIVER from Gloucester 1st time in Malvern

August 7th TERRY COTTERILL 1st time in Malvern

September 4th JANET HIGGINS from Bewdley

October 2nd PATRICK SIMMONDS 1st time in Malvern

November 6th ANDY NOLAN from Gloucester

December 4th CAROL GREEN with friends from Cheltenham 1st time in Malvern

All Top Mediums who are described by people who have seen them as Amazing, Brilliant Mediums.


June 25th The Mount Pleasant Hotel, Belle Vue Terrace Malvern.

October 1st Guild Hall Worcester

Over 20 Tables with Therapist, Healers, Mediums and Clairvoyants Book's, CD's, Crystals, Jewellery and lots more on sale.


Working with your Spirit Guides and developing the gifts that you have for Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Healing. Or to give you confidence, to trust your intuition, to help you on your life’s path. 8pm Tuesday evening, 10am Wednesday morning at the Morning Star Centre Malvern. Also every Thursday evening 7-30pm. At The Light House, Fish Street, Worcester. booking essential, phone: 01905 - 610872.

working with the Medicine Wheel, to find out where you are on your life’s path. Followed by a Journey to meet your Power Animals for healing or for guidance. Live drumming. 8–10pm £5 Morning Star Centre. New Group starting July.

For those who have experience of sitting in circle. We will be developing our link with our Spirit Guides, enhancing the gifts we already have. Taking meditation to a much deeper level. Channelling, Group Past Life Regressions, Accessing the Akashic Records. Building confidence with your proof of survival, ready to take the next step. 8 – 10pm at the Morning Star centre Malvern.

Powerful new course. A New Chakra System: By aligning and balancing your 13 Chakras you will attain a deep calm, a sense of inner peace and you will enhance the Spiritual Gifts that you have. Opening these new Chakras has a tranformational effect in all areas of your life. A 10 week course starting Tuesday March 22nd 10am -12pm.

We will be connecting and working with the energy of the Archangels. An in-depth look at these powerful Angels and how to work with them for guidance or healing. Which crystals and colours you can use while connecting with each Angel. A weekly group Monday 12-2pm or Wednesday 8-10pm. At The Light House Fish Street Worcester. Starting May 16th & 18th. Booking essential with Judy 01905-610872

A new course for 2011. Working with the Lords and Angels of karma. To heal past lives and so healing our present lives. Letting go of all that is holding us back known and unknown enabling us to move forwards in this life.

All workshops at the Morning Star Centre in Malvern.

MEETING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES A two part workshop, to meet your Spirit Guide, to make your connection with them to find out who they are and what they were when they walked the earth. To ask for guidance, on your life’s path. To meet your Animal Spirit Guides. Finding out how they work with you and how they help you on your journey. June 2011

ANGEL DAY Archangels. Who to call on when you need help. How you can work with them for guidance, healing and help in your day to day life. Learn about the Angel of your Zodiac sign, and much more. September 2011

The back of the Chakras are just as important as the front of the Chakras, and are just as powerful. Each has a Physical, mental, Emotional and Spiritual purpose. By working with them, cleansing and bring them into balance you will move forwards in all areas of your life. Healing all issues that are holding you back and stopping you from making that next step. October 2011

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