Working with the Angels
This Workshop is for you to learn all about the Angels, How to work with them and which Angel it is that you call upon when you need their help. You will also make your own Angel Cards unique to you. This is just one of the Angel Workshops that help you to work with the Angels and Archangels that help you to have a greater understanding of Angels and their readiness to help us in many ways.
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the other Angel workshops.

Aura Workshop This workshop is where you will find out all you need to know about the Aura. You will sense, feel and see an Aura and find out what colours are in your Aura. You will also be able to do an Auragraph for someone. Suitable for everyone even complete beginners.

Chakra Workshop In this workshop you will take an in-depth look at the Chakras, what they are and how they work. Learn about the Colours, Crystals, and Essential Oils that are connected to them. How to balance, clear and sense youíre own and somebody elseís Chakras.

Channelling Workshop This workshop is for people who want to channel their spirit Guides, by Direct Voice, Trance Mediumship, Automatic Writing and Inspirational Drawing. This is a workshop for people who can meditate / Visualise, and has experience of sitting in circle

Meeting and working with your Spirit Guides In this 2 part workshop you will meet your Spirit Guides in the 1st half. Meet your Animal Spirit Guides in the 2nd half. This work shop is for you to make that connection with your Guides for help, guidance or healing, or just to find out who they are.

Mediumship Workshop Working with your Spirit Guides, using Angel Cards, Ribbons, Crystal balls, and other focal points, too enable you to work with your Spirit Guides on behalf of somebody else. To find the medium that works best for you.

Shamanic Workshop A workshop with a Native American influence. Where you can learn about the Medicine Wheel. By sitting around the wheel and feeling the different energies you will find out where on the Medicine Wheel you are. Find out more about smudging. There will be a Shamanic Journey to meet your Power Animalís. Ending the day with a Fire Ceremony.
I have worked with Native American teachers and with the leading Medicine Teachers here in the U.K. and from various countries who have lived and worked with the Native Americans.

Angelic Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree
A powerful new form of Reiki attuned through the Angelic Realms. A life changing experience working with the Angels through them experience the blissful calm of their energies whilst healing. You will receive full attunement to Angelic Reiki 2nd Degree which includes 8 Divine Multi-Dimensional Symbols. An attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of light, through the Archangel Metatron, and given your very own Angel of healing to work with you. You will also have hands on healing experience and be given a Master Crystal.

Angelic Reiki 3rd & 4th Degree Master Teacher For attunement to master / Teacher level of Angelic Reiki, only open to those who have been attuned to 2nd Degree Angelic Reiki.

The Pathway of Peace A seven week course walking seven stepping stones each one has seven facets and is a different colour travelling these stones opens the way of Spiritual Peace and Harmony. The Pathway of Peace is based on one used by the Seneca Medicine People and taught by Twylah Hurd Nitsch. Properly practiced and rightfully employed the Pathway of Peace can lead one into, a spiritual ecstasy far beyond that of ordinary meditation. This in turn helps us with our personal and spiritual development, as we deepen our senses, so we secure peace and understanding.

Spiritual Awareness Development Circles On going Spiritual Development Circles, in Malvern and in Worcester. Both are for people of all stages in their spiritual development. Those who are just starting out on their spiritual pathway, and want to learn more about it. Also for people with experience of sitting in circle. We are all teachers and can and do learn from everyone who sits in circle with us. Both are learning circles where we learn about the ways of Spirit and how to work with our Spirit Guides to help other people.

Advanced Spiritual Awareness Development Circle. This circle will only be for those who have experience of sitting in circle. We will be developing our link with our Spirit Guides, enhancing the gifts we already have. Taking meditation to a much deeper level, Channelling, Group Past Life Regressions, Accessing the Akashic Records. Building confidence with your proof of survival, ready to take the next step. Wednesday 8-10pm, starting 11th February Alternate weeks.

A Journey through the 13 Chakras. The New Chakra System: 13 Chakras, a weekly group to open up the new Chakras and work with them. To be more positive, calmer, and balanced. Your Spiritual gifts will be enhanced. Opening up these new Chakras has a transformational effect on all levels of your life. Monday 8-10pm starting 2nd February. A 10 week course.

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